Local Queens Locksmith Explaining about Different Locks

Nowadays, there are multiple types of locks and locking mechanisms being used to protect a property. The variety can be overwhelming, which is why we at Dream Locksmiths had decided to break down the most popular types, along with a specification of each lock's advantages.

  • Mortise Mechanism:

This is the most common locking mechanism in New York City. The mortise mechanism is not a lock per se, but it is rather a mechanism that allows us as Locksmiths the option to install a lock on a door. For the majority of apartment doors in New York City, a mortise mechanism is crucial in order to install a bottom lock.

  • Mortise Cylinder:

Mortise cylinder is a cylinder that works, you guessed it, with mortise mechanisms. The cylinder is assembled as part of the above mentioned mechanism, and allows anyone with the proper key to operate the lock. Mortise cylinders come in various sizes, and more importantly, various security levels.

  • Deadbolts:

The deadbolt lock is the star of the show when it comes to adding an additional layer of security to your home. Mostly used as a top lock or a 2nd lock, it is able to sustain heavy blows to the door, and it provides very good secuirty against burglars. The deadbolt lock has a bolt that goes into the door's frame, which means it uses the house's structure in order to prevent the door from being unlawfully opened. We can replace the old locks with the new one. It is the best strategy to be consistent in having a safe home and place. Deadbolts, like most other types of locks, come in various secuirty levels. It is Gotham Locksmiths's recommendation that you install at least one high security lock on your door. Our licenses locksmiths can assist with the installation.

Smart Locks:

Smart locks work in a similar fashion to deadbolts, but they use a fingerprint or a punch code instead of a key. There are many different smart locks out there, and we recommend choosing from the known brands such as Schlage and Mul-t-Lock. We used this short post to describe the most common locks.

There are many other locks in use, such as Jimmy Proof locks, police locks, floor locks and others. Be sure to always contact a licensed locksmith in order to consult and install a lock.

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