Tips For Finding a Locksmith

You just entered your building after a long and exhausting day at work (and an even more exhausting subway ride). You get to your apartment, rich into your pocket, only to realize you lost your keys. It's hard to overestimate the sense of annoyance and frustration.

Unfortunately, this is a common situation in NYC. Assuming you don't have a spare key with friends, family or your super (who usually doesn't answer his phone when you need him the most), your next step will be to contact an emergency locksmith.

In order to make a difficult situation a bit easier,Gotham Locksmiths put together a detailed list of things to consider when looking for a locksmith in your area.

1. Go Local - it is crucial to contact a locksmith that is located in your area. A local locksmith will usually be familiar with the common door and lock types in your neighborhood. Also, a local locksmith is part of the community and his prices will almost always be fair and reasonable.

2. Reviews - don't rely on search engines to present the best business for your needs. Instead, rely on internet reviews of previous customers, that will provide an accurate evaluation of the provided service.

3. License - always make sure you contact a licensed locksmith. Aside for the fact that a licensed locksmith will use the best tools and locks, they also go through background checks that will assure that the locksmith coming to your home is allowed to practice. Gotham Locksmiths is a licensed locksmith.

4. Availability - Locksmiths should be able to dispatch a technician over to you within 20-30 minutes. Do not accept a wait time of more than that.

5. Find a locksmith before you have an emergency - this is the most important tip on this list. Instead of waiting for troublesome situation to occur, be proactive and find a local and reliable locksmith today. Save the number in your phone, and be ready knowing you are covered in any case you need a locksmith service.

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