How to Increase your Home Security - tips from a local NYC locksmith

As a home owner or renter, you are in charge of your home and loved ones' security. Since we live in NYC, it is crucial to make sure you are protecting your home at all times. By increasing your home security, you will not only stop thieves that attempt breaking in, you will also defer potential thieves to other homes, since the chances of them attempting a break in to a home that seems well secured are much lower.

Here a few steps you should consider to increase your home security:

1. Install a new lock - be sure you have the most advanced locking system in the market. Criminals are constantly evolving and developing new ways to break into houses. Having an advanced high security lock will guarantee you are getting the best security available in the market. Always consult a locksmith when installing a new lock.

2. Re-key your locks - even if you do not replace your locks, be sure to re-key your current locks. As a result of the re-key process, you will be sure that no one else has your keys. This is especially true in NYC considering that most apartments have a high turnover of tenants, ,making the chances that someone else has a copy of your key that much more likely. Contact a locksmith in order to perform a professional re-key process.

3. Install movement sensors to your outdoor lights - if you have a garden or patio, be sure to install movement sensors to your lights. This will guarantee that any potential intruder will be welcomed with a nasty surprise - a light shinning on him when he attempts to break inside during the dark.

4. Consider using smart locks - smart locks, in addition to being smart, can also function as an additional security agent in your home. High-end locks can be linked to your phone, and in addition to providing you with the ability to control the lock from your phone, you can also set up notifications in case someone opened the lock, even when you are away on business or vacation.

5. Buy a safe - assuming all the above mentioned methods fail, having a safe in your home can be a great final barrier between the burglar and your personal belongings. If you are buying a safe, be sure to bolt it to the floor or wall. Always keep a copy of your code in a safe, remote location, and of course in case you lost the key or code, contact a locksmith that can open your safe.

Be sure to always contact a local locksmith that will be able to properly install a new lock or improve the safety of your current lock.

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