Locksmith Explains about Different Lock Types

Whether you need a lock for a residential use or commercial, it is crucial to choose a lock that will answer your security needs, in accordance with your specific circumstances.

It is important to consider your environment, working hours, and other security factors.

Here are some of the most common lock types on the markets:

1. Deadbolt - a deadbolt lock will always be on the top part of the door, and will usually be used as a second lock. It is crucial to add a 2nd lock on your door, and it is important to call a locksmith to install such a lock, since it can provide excellent security to your home or business, considering it is properly installed by a local locksmith.

2. Mortise Lock Set - this lock will serve as the locking mechanism for almost any residential door, and it is comprised of 3 major components:

- mechanism: located inside the door, consists of the bolt and latch with hold the door in place when it is closed.

- handles - allow you to operate the door.

- cylinder - activates the lock when using the key. It is important to note that the cylinder can be replaced with a high security cylinder like a Mul-t-lock or Medeco. This can dramatically increase your security. Contact a locksmith in your area to install a high security cylinder, and make sure you use a cylinder that comes with a card that prevents unauthorized duplication.

3. Smart Lock - a smart lock will usually be used as a deadbolt top lock, but will have an added benefit of being 'smart'. Meaning, the ability to control it with your app or digital assistant. Contact a locksmith to install a smart lock since it will require added programming in addition to the physical installation itself.

4. Jimmy Proof - this lock is very secure but a bit primitive. It is usually used when the door cannot accept a regular deadbolt, due to the thickness of the door.

In any case, contact a locksmith to install a jimmy proof lock since it will require drilling an accurate lock in the door, as well as adjusting the door frame.

It is always worth considering combining a few of the mentioned locks in order to achieve maximum security.

Contact a local and licensed locksmith in order to consult regarding your security needs. Just search for a locksmith near me, or if you are in our service area, look for a locksmith Flushing or a locksmith Queens.

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